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The Joy of Collecting Cookbooks

Friday, January 11th, 2013
Over 5,000 cookery tittles in stock

Over 5,000 cookery tittles in stock

I am passionate about cookbooks, our collection is always growing. Cookbooks aren’t just the basic how-to, they are the window through which we get a glimpse of the culture, social customs and family traditions of a country, a region, a people, a family. Gathering around the table, serving food prepared with pride and love unites us all as a family.

International cookbooks are not only just about the cusine of a certain country, many are travel logs as well, filled with beautiful photographs of the countryside, exquisite table settings, and glorious photos of the prepared recipes. Discover the dishes of your ancestors, rediscover family traditions and favorite foods from the “old country” share with family and friends special holiday feasts or learn cookery from many exciting countries you would like to explore or have visited. Arm chair travel as well as expand your menus. Learn what real Italian cooking is, not the Americanized version but healthy flavorful robust cookery made from fresh ingredients found in the different regions. Explore French provencial cooking, using fresh herbs, ingredients from the kitchen garden. Experience the cuisines of the sun, Mediterrean cooking with influences from so many cultures. Eastern Europe with it’s farm fresh recipes. The Middle east and Far East, Indian curries and spices. United Kingdom and all it’s different cuisines. In our bookshop we have a selection of international cookbooks from rare, out of print to used 2012 publications.

Regional cookery is another specialty. Whether Southern, Southwest, Yankee New England or Mid-west Prairie or California, we got the best. Each area takes what is plentiful for it’s particular area, adds in a dash of the area’s nationalities and creates it own special cuisine. Traveling across this great country of ours, sampling the regional foods, trying new things, these regional cookbooks can help you create special menus to experience those dishes again at home.