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The Beauty of Antique Furniture and Accessories

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
Redesig Redecorate

Redesign Redecorate

The Ultimate Recycling……….
Making do or making “new” with what you have. An idea that has lasted down thru the generations. When I go shopping for home furnishings I am sorely disappointed with the quality and workmanship of what is available in the market place today. This new items will never be the antiques of tommorow. They seem to have a built-in short life time, not having the wearability or lasting quality of furnishings made in the previous centuries. The craftmanship, the details, the materials are all sorely lacking. Try to find a bookcase made of solid wood, ones that won’t warp over time with the weight of your favorite books, try to find one that has an actual wood back, almost impossible. Sorry, I don’t get the warm fuzzy feeling polishing a particle board or pressed wood piece of furniture. Look at the drawers, how they are constructed, will they last through 100’s of openings and closings? How about the hardware, which is the jewelry that highlights the style of the furniture, is it a fine brass or a horrible imitation? Buying new furniture is a very expensive purchase and should last. What special memory laden piece will your children or grandchildren be inheriting from you, to enjoy and think of all the special memories associated with that piece of furniture and you? Not much of our modern day belongings will ever make it to the next generation. Make in America? Sadly that is more and more impossible to find.

So here is my solution, it is called rescuing, redesigning and repurposing. Beautiful solid wood furniture, artfully designed and crafted accessories, all things which were designed and crafted with quality materials and creative workmanship, where special details mattered, the likes of which can’t be purchased today, need to be rescued. “They just don’t make them like that anymore” how many times have we heard that phrase and how true it is. Antique furniture and accessories which have “good bones” can be restored, redesigned and repurposed to live for another generation. Think of what a decorating impact a couple of special pieces can do for a room. Think of a beautiful sturdy walnut eastlake dresser , repurposed to hold a bathroom sink, it’s new life as a striking vanity. Or it could be reincarnated as a kitchen island with doors made from the drawer fronts for cabinets. A piece of antique furniture may have a worn finish, may need a little elbow grease to release it’s inner glow, add in a creative thought and you have the recipe for a heirloom that will withstand the test of time and have your kids fighting over when you move on over to the otherside. Nothing can imitate the warmth of real wood, the strength and the details of yesteryear, so go “Green” recycle, rescue and revitalize a beautiful old antique piece of a family’s history. Remember every little scratch or worn spot has a story of life’s events. Just like the little wrinkles around our eyes, we earned them , laughing and living, character and patina takes a lifetime to accomplish. Say no thanks to new made in China.